The Privacy Policy we observe

Confidentiality and privacy of information gathered from our clients by us is one of our top priorities. Here is the gist of the privacy policy observed by our website.

Being in the business of academic paper writing, our profession demands collection of some information relating to our clients or potential clients. The work and processing of information may involve recording personal information like full name, address, email address, and cell or landline number. Financial information may include credit card details. However such information comes in handy for a number of uses. While information like name, address and contact numbers are usually required to establish the credentials of our prospective clients, financial details are necessary to perform online payment transactions.

Regardless of the status of your request or the mode of payment desired by you, you can be rest assured that the above information secured by us will never be sold to or shared with any third party. The same holds true for your IP address, number and duration of your visits to our website, information through cookies, and so on.

Most importantly, information regarding the nature of the assignment done by us or even the fact that we performed any academic writing assignment shall never be disclosed and in no circumstances we will use this information for advertisement or any other person, unless we are directed to do so by a court of law. Please understand that apart from the information required for online payment transactions, the data relating to you is only used for improving our website and keeping a database of our clients: former, current, or prospective.